Library Services

The library offers a wide range of services from references to the electronic information services by ensuring appropriate services to the academic community. And Lends facilities on a regular basis. The library provides the following basic services:-

1. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) :- The Library book catalogue are Author-based, Subject, title- based searching and other advanced aided search facilities are characterized under OPAC. Available on the online form which systematically record the holding/collection to find out the physical location of information for the

2. Reference & Information Services: - Reference service: long range and ready reference services provide to the users.

3. Reading Room Services:- More than 100 students has read in the reading room along with new arrival books, news papers, competitive books, health and sports magazines and research Journals and play vital roles to boost students and lead to groom them to the present scenario of competition and communication.

4. Reprography: - Photocopy service is available to the users for Rs 1.00 per page. It is the facility for reproduction of documents with printing and microfilming.

5. Library Users: - More than 3,000 users including the UG/PG students, teaching and Non teaching Staff are benefitted.

6. Book Bank Scheme: - The text book/book bank scheme are facilitated and the SC,ST and BPL Students are benefited.

7. Orientation Programme:- The orientation programme scheme is followed for the fresher students.