Name of Course: M.A. (Master of Arts)
Duration: 4 Semesters
Eligibility: Graduation (on Merit Basis)
No. of Seats: 30

Name of Course: Add on (Applied Sociology)
Duration: Certificate Course (1 year)
Diploma Course (1 year)
Advance Diploma Course (1 year)
Eligibility: Any Regular Student of this College
No. of Seats: 30
Fees: 2500/- (Annual)
Convener: Dr. Chandana Mitra
Name of Course: Master of Social Work (MSW)
Duration: 4 Semesters
No. of Seats: 30
Approved Research Centre for Ph.D.
Research Guide:
1. Dr. Chandana Mitra - Assistant Professor (M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.)
2. Dr. Abhilasha Saini - Assistant Professor (M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.)